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How To Keep Your Flowerbeds Weed Free All Summer Long!

Hit the play button below to listen to this weeks episode : How To Keep Your Flowerbeds Weed Free All Summer Long. Below you will also find our show notes along with references and links from the article. Be sure to check out all of our past episodes on the website at SIMPLE LIFE GARDEN EPISODES


How To Keep Your Flowerbeds Weed Free All Summer Long


Flowerbeds can seem overwhelming

When and what to mulch with

Keep out unsightly weeds

Weeds hurt perennials/annuals – steal nutrients, harbor pests & disease

Doesn’t have to be difficult – in fact, some folks work too hard and create more weeds in the process.

Spring Chores

Remove weeds / roots and all – one time big chore – do it early! Before seed heads form on early weed crops.

Don’t rake that mulch! – stirring / raking up mulch is one of the biggest mistakes gardeners make

Replants weed seeds laying dormant on top

Don’t till or overdig your beds spaces – like the garden, tilling causes more harm than good

Mulch early keep bare spots to a minimum

Avoid landscape fabric – more problems that solutions

Best Mulches To Use

Avoid cypress / be careful of stone / rock around plants

Shredded Hardwood – single/ double – not ultra fine

Colored mulches – organic dies, but not a big fan

Pine bark / hardwood bark – long lasting, less maintenance, won’t disappear

weed free flowerbeds
The more flowers you pack into your beds, the less chance there is for weeds to find a home. Fill you bed spaces with plants, not wide open areas of mulch.

Spring transplanting 

Spring is a great time to divide oversized plants from your beds and replant them to fill the space. Not only more attractive, but free with your own plants. In fact, you can create an entire bed full of transplants for free!

Fill Your Flower Beds With Perennials

Perennials act like a living mulch

Not only do they conserve moisture, but they also prevent weed seeds from finding a home.


Mid Summer Care

Do not stir mulch to freshen it up

Apply mulch on top to freshen up, not re-mulch everything.

When planting, keep planting holes to a minimum size. Use buckets to keep dirt away from mulch

5 minutes a day goes a long way! 5 not the same as 7 days and 35 minutes.

Keep bird feeders out of mulching areas – big issues with birds spreading weeds and squirrels, etc.

Fall Care 

Remove spent foliage – do not allow to overwinter.

Also keeps wildlife from heading into the space too much!

Thicken up the mulch if needed – again not stirring.

Fall is the perfect time for transplanting, use a holding bed for extra plants.

Cover in-danger plants with extra mulch.


Remove weeds / mulch early – don’t allow to form seed heads

Remember not to stir the mulch – select a quality mulch

Don’t till / disturb the beds as little as possible

Pack those beds with plants!

5 minutes a day in the summer, not only easy, but keeps work to a minimum

Top off mulch – don’t freshen it up with a stir

Remove spent fall foliage to prepare for winter

Top off mulch levels.