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How To Make Homemade Tick Spray – Keep Ticks Away!

If you are looking for a safe alternative for keeping ticks away from you and your property, today’s article on how to make your very own homemade tick spray is the perfect solution!

Not only do all of homemade sprays featured today avoid using harsh chemicals, they are also safe for pets and people alike. Even better, they can be made for far less than the cost of expensive commercial brands.

One thing is for sure, ticks are a part of outdoor life – but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with them crawling on you or your pets. Not only can their bites be painful, they are also known to carry serious disease.

Closeup of a lone star tick
This lone star tick is just one of the types of ticks that can cause disease and other issues for you or your pets.

It is thought that nearly a half a million people or more are affected with Lyme disease each year in the United States, with many of those cases going undiagnosed. In addition, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and a long list of additional diseases can also be transmitted by tick bites quite easily.

Protecting Pets, Children & Adults Safely

With the danger ticks can bring, it’s no wonder that people often look to commercial pesticides and bug sprays as an answer. However, there are drawbacks to many of these sprays. For starters, most of the insecticide products are also fatal to beneficial insects. In addition, they can be questionable when it comes to using on pets, children and even adults as well. 

The good news is that there are less harsh, all-natural solutions that work just as well. Even better, they are easy to make, simple to use, and work great at controlling ticks in your own backyard! 

With safe and effective protection in mind, here is a look at how to make three great homemade solutions to repel ticks, along with some great tips and tricks on how to keep them out of your yard and off of you! 

Homemade Tick Sprays

Neem Oil 

One of the best all-natural solutions for keeping ticks and many other pests at bay is neem oil.

Neem tree with fruit growing
100% organic neem oil is created by pressing the seeds of a Neem Tree.

Neem oil is the liquid that is created from pressing the seeds of Neem trees. It is 100% natural and when used correctly, is not dangerous to beneficial insects. The best part is that it works on all stages of a ticks’ lifecycle!

Even better, in addition to ticks, it is effective against many different types of pests and insects. Aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, mealybugs, Japanese beetles, nematodes, thrips, grubs can all be controlled with neem oil. And the list just goes on and on! (See “How To Use Neem Oil On Plants – Control Plants Organically!”)

Neem oil works by killing most insects on contact by blocking their ability to breathe. One small drop directly on a biting tick will cause them to immediately let go. However, it is more effective when turned into a homemade tick spray that can prevent them from biting in the first place! 

Neem Oil Yard Spray

Along with directly applying the oil to ticks, you can create a homemade spray for your yard. Simply mix 6 tablespoons of concentrated neem oil with one gallon of warm water. Add a couple of drops of olive oil or vegetable oil to help the oil stick to plants and grasses. Affiliate Product Link: Pure Neem Oil

To use, add the mixture to a handheld or backpack sprayer and apply directly to your lawn. Apply it once a month to your property through late spring and until early fall. This spray will also help to eliminate Japanese beetle larvae, mites, fleas, and grubs as well. 

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Neem Oil Body & Pet Spray

You can also create a neem oil spray to put directly on your clothes as long as you are ok with its scent. Neem oil does have a rather strong and offputting aroma to some, but the odor is often worth it because of how well it works against ticks! 

Simply mix one cup of water with about 10 drops of concentrated neem oil in a spray bottle. Shake well and spray on your clothing as well as your pets. Just be sure to keep it out of their eyes, nose, and any bare skin.  

This is great if you will be deep in the woods or around a location where ticks are in large numbers. Again, it has a bit of a smell to it, but it works!  

Essential Oil Spray 

As an alternative to neem oil spray, you can also use essential oils to make your own homemade tick spray. The reason why essential oils are effective is because of their strong odor. Because of this, be sure to reapply the spray every hour or two for the best effectiveness. 

Simply mix 1 cup of water with 20 to 30 drops of essential oils. Scents like eucalyptus, lemongrass, cedarwood and peppermint are best for repelling ticks. 

Peppermint sitting next to peppermint oil - used to create a repellent spray that keeps ticks away.
Just a few drops of essential oils added to water can create a powerful but natural spray to use again ticks.

Put the mixture into a spray bottle, shake well, and spray liberally over your clothing. You can also use this spray on dogs but use caution to avoid their eyes, nose, and any bare skin. Do not use it on cats.

Distilled Vinegar Spray 

Lastly, another great all-natural homemade spray to use against ticks uses distilled vinegar.

Vinegar is one of the best natural home remedies around – and it’s easy to see why. You can use it for everything from cleaning windows to fixing clogged shower heads to refreshing your laundry.

You can also use vinegar as an all-natural spray for killing weeds on paths, driveways and patios. And yes, it is even good to help keep ticks away as well! 

To use, take one cup of warm water and mix it with one cup of distilled vinegar. If wanted, you can add in about 20 drops of your favorite essential oil or just a drop or two of olive oil. Using it along with essential oils like peppermint or eucalyptus will give you the best results at keeping ticks at bay.

Keep the solution in a spray bottle and shake well before spraying onto your clothing. Be sure to avoid getting it in your eyes or on bare skin.

Someone spraying homemade tick spray on their jeans.
Be sure to reapply natural sprays every hour or two for the best results. Once the smell begins to dissipate, the effectiveness does as well.

Other Ways To Prevent Ticks

Besides using homemade tick sprays, there are other ways to help reduce the chances of contracting tick bites. 

First, whenever you are going out into wooded spaces or areas with long grass, be sure to dress appropriately. This means wearing hats, long sleeves, and long pants. Some people go as far as duck-taping off the bottom of their pants to prevent the little pests from climbing underneath.

Also, be diligent in checking for ticks daily, especially if you live in places that are well-known for having tick issues. Check all areas of the skin, including the scalp and inside crevices like the folds of your ears. 

Typically, ticks won’t become attached to your skin immediately, so the sooner you locate and remove one, the better. Shower and wash thoroughly within two hours of coming inside. Also, put any clothes worn in the dryer for 10 to 20 minutes on a higher heat setting.

In addition, keep your lawn mowed short and debris cleared out. Ticks are a lot less likely to hunker down in these types of settings. Hopefully, with these tips and all-natural homemade sprays, you will be saying “Goodybe” to ticks and “Hello” to a fun summer in the great outdoors!

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