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How To Keep Mice Out Of Cars, Campers & Stored Equipment In The Winter

Looking for a few easy ways to keep mice out of your stored cars, mowers, campers and other equipment in the winter?

Not only can mice make an incredible mess when they build their nests, they can also cause serious damage. Mice will use anything and everything to create their homes. And when they decide to build their home in stored equipment over the winter, it can be costly.

Mice go to great lengths to find the perfect space to protect them from the cold, snow and perils winter can bring. And one of their favorite places to seek shelter in the colder months is in equipment left outdoors, or in easy to enter barns, garages and carports.

keep mice out
To build their nests, mice will chew through wires, tubing and even plastic. When they do, it can leave behind a mess and costly repairs!

Whether it be under the hood of a lawn mower, tractor or parked truck, in the seat of an old car, or inside of a covered grill or air conditioning unit, if they can get in – they will build. And when they do – they can leave a wake of destruction behind them.

Winter Mice Damage – How To Keep Mice Out Of Cars, Equipment & More

When building their nests for winter protection, mice will chew through anything and everything. The electrical wires and insulation on equipment. Cloth and leather seats in cars and trucks, cardboard, plastic, and even the propane hose that connects your gas grill to its tank.

You name it, and they will try to chew through it to use for their nests. If all of that wasn’t bad enough, they also leave along with it the undeniable and hard to remove odor from their urine and feces. One thing is for sure, all of it can leave you with some costly repairs and a lot of headaches.

There is nothing worse than heading out in the early spring to fire up your lawnmower – only to find out the electrical wires have all been chewed. Or getting inside of your favorite old truck to find the upholstery torn to shreds.

cat protecting a car
A cat can certainly help with mice control, but they are hardly a foolproof answer to protecting equipment in the winter.

But is there really a way to prevent mice from finding their way inside of your equipment? Especially when it’s sitting outside or not protected inside of a mouse proof structure?

Actually, as it turns outs, there are a couple of great ways to prevent mice from destroying your outdoor equipment. And no, they don’t involve employing a herd of cats. Or, having to or set and dispose of nasty mouse traps.

How To Keep Mice Out Of Equipment In The Winter – Naturally!

So how do you prevent mice from setting up shop in your equipment in the winter? By using two natural ingredients they simply can’t stand – peppermint and cinnamon!

Although mice are persistent in looking for protective homes in the winter, they will avoid any potential home that reek of smells that are offensive to them. And when it comes to offensive smells for mice, peppermint and cinnamon are at the top of the list.

Peppermint has long been known to repel all kinds of pests, from mosquitoes to ticks. And cinnamon has its own amazing qualities that can protect a long list of vegetable and flowers in your gardens. See: How To Use Cinnamon To Repel Pests In Gardens & Flowerbeds

When it comes to repelling mice, however, the two put together are simply amazing! But before you run out and start putting fresh cinnamon sticks and peppermint leaves in your equipment, there is an even better way to use both for protection against mice.

As strong as the scents of both are when fresh, the extracted, pure oil of each is even stronger. And mice can’t stand it!

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Pure essential oil is extremely potent. By combining the pure oil extract of both cinnamon and peppermint with water, you can create a highly effective repellent spray. One that can be used to apply to equipment directly, or to soak in cotton balls or on cloths to place inside areas mice like to nest.

Making A Repellent From Peppermint & Cinnamon

To make your own spray, all you need is an empty spray bottle, 2 cups of water, and two tablespoons each of pure peppermint and cinnamon oil extract. It’s important to use only 100% essential oil as it has the potency needed for effective control. Product Affiliate Link : Pure Peppermint Oil

Start by thoroughly mixing the water and the peppermint and cinnamon oil together. You do not need to heat the water prior to using. In fact, that can actually weaken the scent once it cools. Once the oils are mixed with the water, all that is left is to fill your spray bottle and go to work!

The spray is perfect for applying in areas where mice like to build. This can be inside of engine compartments, battery box terminals, inside of grills and more. You can also spray it on door frames of vehicles. When using on any material, it is always best to spray a small area first to make sure the mix will not stain the surface.

peppermint oil
Pure peppermint oil is perfect for repelling mice. You can use it to make a repellent spray or to scent sachets to place in equipment for lasting protection.

In addition to using it for spraying, you can drench cotton balls or rags with the mix. Then, simply place them inside of vehicles, engine compartments and anywhere mice like to try to build nests. You will need to reapply the spray and respray the rags and cotton balls monthly through the winter. This will keep the scent strong and effective all winter long.

Alternatives To Homemade Spray – How To Keep Mice Out Of Equipment In The Winter

If you don’t wish to make your own homemade spray, there are also some excellent commercial products that use the same all-natural ingredients to make protective sprays and pouches. These use the same concept of combining pure oil in both a spray or pouches.

The pouches are great for laying inside of engine compartments of cars, mowers and equipment. You can use the spray to protect the same surfaces or target the undersides of equipment to prevent mice from climbing up and in.

Here is to keeping mice out and protecting your equipment this winter – naturally!

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