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Hanging Basket Care – How To Keep Your Baskets Flowering All Summer!

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Show Outline / Show Notes – Hanging Basket Care – How To Keep Your Hanging Baskets Gorgeous!


Hanging baskets & container add instant color and interest to the landscape

But for many gardeners, by mid-summer, many of their gorgeous baskets start to fade.

Jim’s Stolen Basket Story

5 Simple Secrets To Keep Hanging Baskets Beautiful

hanging basket care

#1 Start With Small Plants & Bigger Pots – Hanging Basket Care

Avoid overly large early season baskets

Good early growth, but the roots are already too large

Many growers plant baskets as early as November or December indoors to create gorgeous baskets for early spring.

The issue is that the plants have already nearly outgrown their containers.

At the same time, they have used up every bit of nutrients in the soil as well.

Instead, choose hanging baskets that are just beginning to fill out their containers. These are the baskets you can grow slowly with proper care, and that you can make last all season long.

#2 Larger Containers / Or Re-pot To Larger Containers – Hanging Basket Care

In addition, stay away from hanging baskets that have smaller containers.

Not enough soil in small baskets to keep plants going all year.

Avoid using or purchasing 12″ to 14″ basket sizes, and instead select ones at least 16″ to 18″ in diameter.

Or, transplant to 16 to 18″ to buy on the less expensive side.

More soil and more room = better long term growth.

#3 Fertilizing – Slow, Steady & Lightly – Hanging Basket Care

Without additional fertilizer applied throughout the season, hanging baskets will begin to fade. 

Hanging baskets, just like flowers planted in containers, have limited soil fertility.

Even if you use the best planting mix, it will eventually run out of power. 

But it is how and when you apply fertilizer that is the biggest secret of all when it comes to long-term success! If you apply fertilizer in heavy doses, it will grow plants too quickly. The end result is an oversized plant that is finished by mid-summer.

The key is to apply a lighter ( weaker) dose more often. As in every few weeks to keep plants supplied with a steady and slow feed of nutrients.

This can be best be accomplished with a liquid feeding of an organic fertilizer, or using liquid compost tea or worm casting tea.

#4) Top Dressing With Worm Castings

We use a two-fold approach to fertilizing. First, we apply a 1/4 cup of worm castings to the top level of the basket’s soil every month.

Worm castings are the perfect slow release fertilizer. Every time you water, the nutrients leach down through the soil and are absorbed by the roots.

We then apply a light dose of liquid fertilizer every two weeks as well. We opt for either worm casting tea or compost tea.

If you are using a commercial liquid fertilizer mix, use at 1/4 ot 1/2 of the recommended strength ever 10 to 14 days. This supplies a slow dose without pumping up the plants too quickly. (Product Link : Jobes Organic Fertilizer)

You will be amazed at the results!

#5 Watering With A Consistent Approach

Our #3 tip is a big one for sure! The quickest way to weaken a hanging basket plant is to let it go too long without water.

Get in the habit of watering your baskets at the same time every day. Not only does it help the plant with regular watering, it helps you remember to do it!

The best time to water is in the early morning so plants can withstand the heat of the day. But if you come home on a scorcher and they look wilted, don’t wait till morning – give them a second dose.

Double Up Watering In Mid-Summer

As baskets grow larger in mid-summer, they will probably need to be watered once in the morning, and once in the evening. Constant and consistent watering, or the lack of it, is almost always the reason for early hanging basket failure.


Frances Shelton

Thursday 22nd of April 2021

These are wonderful tips! My hanging baskets always died out early and I never understood why. I may try hanging baskets again and follow your very helpful tips. Thanks for all this vital information!


Thursday 22nd of April 2021

How can I make my own liquid fertilizer?


Wednesday 21st of April 2021

Love this podcast. Very informative Thank you !