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How To Eliminate Ground Moles For Good This Spring – Naturally!

Looking to finally eliminate those pesky and destructive ground moles from your lawn, garden and flowerbeds this spring – and keep them out for good?

Ground moles can be one of the most invasive of all pests. Not only does their tunneling destroy lawns in a flash, it can also damage the root structures of perennials, annual flowers, and vegetable crops when they find their way into the loose soil of flowerbeds and gardens as well.

Unfortunately, once they arrive, they are more than happy to set up shop for the long haul. That means not only continually digging for food, but raising a family to continue the process of destruction even further. But as you will see below, there is a way to stop them for good – and springtime is the perfect time to do it!

how to eliminate ground moles
They might be small, but ground moles can cause serious damage to lawns, gardens and flowerbeds. And until you eliminate their food sources under the soil, they have no problem sticking around!
Ending The Cycle – How To Eliminate Ground Moles For Good

Ground moles are after one thing and one thing only in the soil underneath your landscape – food! And although they will consume termites, ants, centipedes and other small insects, what they really love are grubs and the beetles they turn into.

Quite simply, if you eliminate grubs – your ground mole issue will disappear for good. Yes, traps can help. As can deterrents such as vinegar and castor oil that can temporarily drive moles away from a space. But in the long run – unless the grubs are gone, they will come back. And so will the damage they cause!

The good news is that getting rid of the grubs in your lawn doesn’t have to be difficult or involve harsh chemical lawn applications. Ones that can often be dangerous and questionable to use around pets and children in a lawn setting – and certainly not great to use on the soil where you might be growing food.

So what is the all-natural answer? As it turns out, it’s actually as simple and easy as turning to one of the most effective, all natural sprays around – neem oil. And as you will see below, not only is it easy to use, it is highly effective in the spring and summer for getting rid of your mole problem for good!

grubs in the soil
Grubs are the main diet for ground moles. As long as they remain, so will ground moles.

How To Eliminate Ground Moles For Good This Spring – With Neem Oil

So let’s first cover what neem oil is, and then how to use it to get rid of the grubs in your lawn. Neem oil is made from the seeds that are in the fruit of a neem tree. The oil’s pest controlling properties have actually been used for centuries to control all kinds of pests naturally. See: How To Use Neem Oil On Plants – Control Pests Organically!

What really makes neem oil special is that it can control a lot of problem pests while keeping many other beneficial creatures safe. Best of all, unlike man-made pesticides, when used properly, neem oil does not pose a danger to pets or children either!

Neem oil is basically an all-natural pesticide. It works on grubs (and other insects) by disrupting all of the stages of their life – from larva to adult. The oil contains a highly active natural compound that makes it impossible for the grubs to eat, and for beetles to mate or lay eggs. The result of which can stop an infestation in its tracks.

Of course, those 3 critical stages all but set the stage for ending a grub or beetle’s life span and its ability to reproduce. Which, of course, will quickly put an end to the grubs under the soil that ground moles love to eat.

But the key to success when using neem oil is to put it on your lawn at just the right time – and that perfect time happens to be in early spring to early summer – when the grubs are at their most active point of all!

Using Neem Oil – How To Eliminate Ground Moles For Good This Spring

Let’s start with how to purchase neem oil. You always want to make sure you are getting a 100% neem oil product. You can either purchase neem oil already pre-mixed with water and ready to go or as a pure concentrate. The concentrate can then be mixed with water and sprayed on your lawn.

Either way, just make sure it is pure so that “all natural” approach can remain intact. You can find it at many home and garden centers or online. Affiliate Product Link: Best Naturals 100% Pure Neem Oil, 100% Cold Pressed

When & How To Apply – – How To Eliminate Ground Moles For Good

You will want to start applying neem oil as soon as you see your lawn start to come to life in early spring. This is when the grubs will start coming toward the top of the surface. For most lawns, that will be sometime in April to May.

using neem oil
Pure neem oil is all natural – and highly effective against grubs!

For maximum control, spray every month until mid summer. This will help to gain control of any late stragglers or newcomers to your lawn. It is best to spray in the early morning or late evening to help keep away from beneficial pests.

It is fine to walk on the lawn as soon as it dries. The less foot traffic while it dries the better as it will increase its effectiveness.

You can create your Neem grub control solution with 3 simple ingredients – pure neem oil, water, and a few drops of liquid dish soap. The dish soap will to help the solution cling to the lawn for better effectiveness.

To mix for grub control use two (2) ounces of neem oil for every one gallon of water. For every gallon of water, put in a drop or two of dish soap. Depending on the size of your lawn, a small hand-held sprayer or a backpack sprayer will work to spray the lawn area quickly.

Full Mole Control – How To Eliminate Ground Moles For Good This Spring

As your grub and beetle population reduces, the moles will eventually move out as well. The great thing with neem oil is it can be used in flowerbeds and gardens without worry as well. This means there will be no “pockets” of food for moles to stick around and feed from.

For future control, spraying your lawn once in mid spring and once in mid summer is best. This will help keep any new grub populations from becoming overly excessive. And in the process, end the worry of moles moving back in!

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