How To Make And Use Compost Tea – The Best All-Natural Fertilizer – Episode 108

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Show Outline / Show Notes – How To Make And Use Compost Tea


Compost tea is the ultimate organic fertilizer.

  • Compost tea is 100% natural, 100% organic
  • It can be made completely for free. If you have a compost pile, you can make compost tea!
  • Not complicated to make, store or use. Slow, gentle release of nutrients that plants can absorb quickly.
  • Made easily from just two simple ingredients (compost & water), compost tea is the perfect, all natural “miracle-growing” liquid. Not only can it power flowers and vegetable plants, but shrubs and trees too.

Compost Bin / Cucumber Straw Bales Story Reference

Compost bins directly behind volunteer tiger blush tomato plants in the back corner of the garden. The compost nutrients leached through into the growing soil, led to some of the largest, most heavily producing plants we have ever had.

The same concept applies to making and using compost tea. The leaching of nutrients is what makes it so incredible.

Nutrients are absorbed both through foliage and roots. Allows for steady and full supply of nutrients to power plants

How To Make Compost Tea

how to make compost tea

What you need : compost, water, 5 gallon bucket, stir stick

  • Best to use fresh, finished compost.
  • If not available, partially composted materials can work.
  • Can also use bagged compost

Start by filling a 5 gallon bucket about 1/3rd to 1/2 full of compost.

Fill with non-treated water to the top. Softened water contains salt and other chemicals, use distilled water, hard water or well water.

Rain water is an excellent choice here!

Stir vigorously with a stir stick to agitate the compost and start the absorption process. Think of a traditional tea-making process with the tea bag and water.

Do not have to have fancy bubbling or aerating pumps.

Stir once or twice a day, each stir allows the compost to leach more nutrients into the water.

After 5 to 7 days, the mix is ready to strain and use. Take the left over ingredients and throw back in your compost pile.

How To Use Compost Tea

Seedlings & Young Transplants

Dilute 1 gallon of compost tea with one gallon of fresh water.

Need to dilute to protect young plants with a weaker solution.

Hanging Baskets & Containers

Compost tea is sensational for keeping container and hanging basket plants thriving! Simply water with the tea every 5 to 7 days to give a small boost to plants all summer long

Vegetable Plants

Compost tea is the perfect all-natural fertilizer for vegetable plants. Apply every two weeks once transplants or seed crops have become established.

Water each transplant with a quarter gallon of compost tea, but be sure to soak the leaves a bit as you do. This will help the plants absorb the nutrients via the foliage as well.

As when watering, it’s best to apply the tea early in the day or in the early evening when the sun is not at full force. Unfortunately, watering or fertilizing during the heat of the day can scorch plants with the sun’s rays.

Using Compost Tea In Flower Beds

In addition to vegetable plants and container plants, compost tea is a great boost for annual and perennial flower beds too. Just as in the garden, apply every few weeks to keep plants supplied with a steady stream of nutrients.

It can be stored and used for weeks, but should be kept closed and out of direct sunlight to avoid evaporation.

Shrubs, Bushes & Newly Planted Trees

Shrubs and bushes 2 to 3 gallons

For newly planted trees, it is also a great way to water with help provide a little help and power

Wrap Up

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