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How To Plant A Cover Crop In Your Garden This Fall – Episode 120

Here is a look at this week’s podcast: How To Plant A Cover Crop In Your Garden This Fall. Just click on the episode button below to listen in, or read on to discover how and why a cover crop can protect your garden’s soil this winter, and just how simple it is to plant and maintain!

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Show Outline / Show Notes

Introduction : How we have been using a cover crop to build our garden soil for years.

Not only does a cover crop build soil nutrients, it also helps protect the soil. Especially from the harsh winds, rain and snow of winter. In fact, up to 1/8th of the soil can be lost to erosion in the garden over winter.

Why & How A Cover Crop Helps Your Garden

Protects the soil from erosion

Protects from weeds taking over the soil

Keeps weed seeds from blowing in – next year’s weeds!

Build soil strength and also nutrient levels (some even fix nitrogen levels)

Common Misconceptions about Cover Crops

  • hard to plant
  • expensive
  • have to till them in

How To Plant A Cover Crop

  • clearing the garden
  • raking
  • sowing the seed
  • watering in
  • protecting with a thin layer of mulch ( Leaves, straw or shredded leaves)

Maintaining The Cover Crop Through Fall

  • little need to mow or water
  • dormancy stage

Spring Cover Crop Care

  • mowing off to kill the cover crop is not only easy, but efficient compared to tilling
  • tilling under vs. planting through the soil

QUESTION OF THE WEEK : Myra from Connecticut asks “I have heard you talk about planting through the dying cover crop for transplants, but isn’t it hard to do for seed crops?”

  • planting row crops is not only simple, it is easier to keep weed free
  • planting transplant crops
  • mulching over the cover crop

The Annual Cycle Of A Cover Crop In A No Till Garden

  • how to replant in the fall again
  • little need for added nutrients to soil
  • using a cover crop in the summer or for a living mulch